Client Info: Room Lighting Design

Room Lighting Design

Should we preserve the designers vision of the lighting or sanitise it with our own, be it flash or additional lighting to fundimentally change how the room looks?

Let’s look at the implications

A lot of time and no doubt costs were involved in the design and execution of the lighting. Is it right to completely disregard this aspect of the designers intent.

Our approach

We look at how a room looks, what it might look at different times of the day or even different seasons. These were no doubt considered by the designers and the client.

Setting the photography brief and interpretation the expectations of our clients is one of the important aspects of our work. We can decide for clients using our expensive knowledge but it’s better for all to be on board with the look of the final images.

Mood bar verses a bright suite

Both have been designed with the ambience and mood, the users will experience this when they first see the room so the images need to set the expectations with little regard to either the photographer or clients preferred idea of the image looks. It’s not it’s wrong or right, it’s more about respecting the design integrity of the room

Bring both Interior and Exterior together

When we can experience both we need to look at what and when. Showing the exterior is a common trend but it does bring a degree of unrealistic images. This can be distracting even if the view doesn’t even realise it, our brains start working to figure it out distracting from the true subject and possibly damaging the reason for the image. This is an important part of setting a shoot brief, if when ant both it needs to be convincing and realistic otherwise its a potential failure.

When someone decides differently

When images are used in a controlled manner we know our clients understand the concepts of the final images, however we have experience other parties unaware of the intent of the image suddenly star manipulating the image to something that was never intended usually through their lack of knowledge and understanding .


Hopefully we have provided information to allow you to make decisions on both your photographic requirements and set the expectations. We work very closely with our clients and its important to us that we meet their expectations.