Castlepark, Lanark by William Leiper (arch)
Wheatpark Cottage (1882), Lanark by William Leiper (arch)
Woodstock Medical Centre, Lanark
Wheatpark,, Lanark by William Leiper (arch)
Christ Church, Lanark
Westport, Lanark
Gate House, Castlebank Park, Lanark
Waterloo Road, Lanark
Inn on the Loch, Lanark
The Water Tower, Lanark
Maisie’s Bar, Wellgate, Lanark
Double Row, New Lanark
Murray Chapel, Lanark
New Lanark Mill Hotel
Counting House, New Lanark
Robert Owen’s House, New Lanark
Long Row, New Lanark
William Smillie House (Hospital), Lanark
Tote Building Tower, Lanark Racecourse
Wheatpark House, Lanark
Ridgepark House, Lanark
Smyllum House, Lanark
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