Commercial photography studio Lanarkshire

Commercial photography that will help sell you and your business, from product shots to full blown campaigns we offer you a creative alternative a style that suits your business brand and deliver on our promises.

Lanark photographers

William and Aileen we are William Wilson Photography

We have been supplying digital photography services to our commercial clients since 2004.



Commercial product photography

Clothing, jewellery, accessories, furniture, footwear, food and drink, novelty items, online catalogues, printed catalogues.

Riders equestrian shop Lanark

Footwear photography

Lifestyle campaigns

When you products need to be photographed in a lifestyle setting we can offer our expertise in styling your set, creating the lighting mood and focusing on your products to create a fresh inviting look or a contemporary cutting edge approach.

PR and editorial

From new launches to news releases high quality photographs ensure you present a picture that makes your announcement work for you, we can cover most of Central Scotland with a quick post process turnaround.


Environmental photography in the workplace, on location and premises.

property pictures

Commercial property photography

We offer a wide range of portable lighting to create the images you want.

Head shots that sell

People make businesses, having you staff looking great connecting with the viewer gives you an added advantage over passport style photographs. People sell your business, making the visitor to your site feel you are serious about your employees.

Social media profiles doer LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are often the first point of contact, having a professional head shot that says something about you sells you and your business.

Corporate head shots

Head shots that say something about you and your business

Corporate Portraiture

Boardroom, management and employee portraits in traditional or contemporary styles.


We offer a bespoke framing service with a wide range of high quality frames and hand made canvas prints.

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