Creative head shot photography

The Definitive Head Shot

The creative head shot photography to create something more powerful than the recorded photograph it’s something that as photographers challenges us. We strive to be better, to improve ourselves and be passionate about our work. This passion extents beyond our photography it is part of the way we work for you.

William Wilson Photography

We have been shooting head shots since 2006, creating marketing images for you, photographing actors, artists, musicians, entertainers, workplace, staff, professional and corporate creating head shots talk about you or your business, that sell you, and gives you competitive edge one that gets you the audition and position you want. It’s not simply a head shot but creative head shot photography that gets you noticed, a head shot that sets you apart from the crowd, “The Definitive Head Shot”.

Creative head shot photography

When a mobile phone photo just doesn’t do it!

Brands are important, head shots are part of your branding.

Contemporary portraits for today’s branding, casting and social media needs. We can and do change how a person is conveyed through different approaches in lighting, poise and composition. We’re creating a photo for you, not of you.

Part of our approach is in coaching my clients, helping them to achieve the photo they want.

We strive to capture you at your best: whether in the studio or on location, creating an image that will advance your career and promote you and your brand.

We pride ourselves in creating contemporary natural head shots that stand out from the crowd, head shots that get you noticed head shots that get you to the next level of your career. Case studies

Head shots on location

<h2>Head shots on location</h2>

We photograph doctors, dentists, accountants, businesses, management teams, professionals and enjoy interacting with the people we photograph in our studio based in Lanark. Those who have sat for me know observing and listening to our sitters create relaxed head shots. Our aim is to capture an image of who you are as a person.

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Studio head shots

<h2>Studio head shots</h2>

Our creative head shot photography sessions are deigned to get the best head shot for you though our in studio coaching this creates a wide range of poses rather than a single ID style head shot.
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Outdoor head shots

<h2>Outdoor head shots</h2>

This style suits people and businesses who don’t want the formal studio style or may require a more cinematic style of head shot.

In studio creative head shot photography fees
Fees are based on the shoot time plus product/licence you choose this gives our clients flexibility and freedom of choice.

Head shot our studio session start at
Your location/offices sessions start at
Additional retouching per image
Print resolution (300ppi) image with individual usage licence per file
Online resolution (72ppi) image with individual usage license per file
Prints from


Workplace and office head shots are available, our speciality is in creating contemporary head shots that aren’t boring and stuffy, they are fresh and lively, if you need you staff photographed please contact us for a no obligation quote.

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