Case Study: Design and Architecture

Design and architecture, interior design schemes, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens indoor and outdoor living spaces.

When you are someone directly involved with the presentation of designers and owners creations and premises we have a responsibility to realise the vision and attention to the design and detail.

There is a lot of detail that goes into the design of an interior project. Each step of the project is carefully throughout. Our photography has to follow this flow, interpreting the elements and balance of the design.


The client submitted a comprehensive brief and shot list to create a series of images focusing on the layout a graphic making the room experience unique to the occupiers the functionality and detailed design used within the room.


Creation of a series of advertising, PR and social media stock images.


We offered a photography solution with the help of the art director and a highly successful project.

Action plan

With the first shoot we explored the rooms and set the story plan into action shoot both the available light and on location battery powered strobes. With the right people on set the shoot went as planned and everyone had a good time.

On the day


We supplied images to the clients specifications.

Do you need story telling photographs

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