Head shot photography your business and your brand

Head shot photography your business and your brand

Why would a company need head shot photography for business and what is wrong with a quick snap of an employee?

A business invests in their look, from the website to printed materials yet often overlook or ignore lack luster images when it comes to presenting key personnel and staff.

Head shots and your brand

Outstanding head shot photography for business and commercial clients who see their staff as key to their brand and work ethos.

Key issues with head shots

  • You may want a less official style of image to connect with your client base but less formal shouldn’t mean low quality.
  • Are your staff reluctant to have their photographs taken? Our coaching goes a long way with connecting your staff with your clients and customers.
  • Budgets may not allow for professional headshots, it’s part of your marketing strategy and should be in any campaign.
  • The disruption to business having head shots would cause issues. Professional head shot photography by a specialist head shot photographer is remarkably quick.
  • Head shots are not ID photographs they convey the personality of the person and should project the image of the business.
  • Social media is important to our business and staged headshots don’t fit with social media well, this may be true but they are representing your business they are not representing the individuals as themselves. LinkedIn profiles are your client facing business credentials.
  • Planning head shot photography for business may not be high on your agenda or it may not attract a level of importance within the business. Hiring a professional head shot photographer is key to success, allowing a general photographer to undertake the task although quite capable may not be the best approach. When you are planning the company annual report a lot of focus is on the photographs that support the business it will be seen by shareholders and stakeholders the business website is seen by a much wider audience and should rank on the same level as an annual report.

Take a look at your website and decide if they represent your business and brand.

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