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New project our no obligation consultation for photography

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New project our no obligation consultation for photography

New project our no obligation consultation for photography

New project our no obligation consultation for photography is where you can talk about your project and get to know up better this is our way of giving our clients old and new an opportunity to see our photographic expertise and where it could benefit them.

When a new venture or project takes the next step and professional photography becomes a point of consideration its important you explore the options available to you, there are short cuts but like any investment the return on your investment is vital to your business success.

Some pointers on hiring a commercial photographer.

  1. Hire someone local or look further afield, it may seem obvious that a local photographer maybe able to work more closely with you and cut down on costs this is a sound strategy provided there are photographers capable of the job and live locally.
  2. Seeking out the right skill set, not every photographer has the necessary experience, team and equipment to under take your project, many photographers remain in one area like weddings and are not ideal for a project that goes beyond their expertise and knowledge even though their photography maybe exceptional.
  3. Creative input maybe something that is more important to you, not everyone is blessed with the ability to think outside of the box or look at ways to accomplish what you want or need.
  4. Technical ability this may sound obvious but there are a tremendous amount of potential technical hurdles that need our coming even in what appears to be a relatively straight forward project, having a team with these skills will avoid issues during a project.
  5. The right fit, hiring a photographer isn’t like buying a new car its a relationship between two teams sometimes the right fit may seem the wrong one its the balance.
  6. Dependability is something all understand, being let down is a big risk in any project, excuses and failure isn’t professional.
  7. Recommendations may sound obvious but who do you contact to find out about the photographer most professionals keep their client list private and a friend is hardly a reliable reference, meeting with a photographer and going through past projects is the best way to decide if the photographer is for you.
  8. Costs not only how little it can cost but a truer cost of what it will cost you, commercial photographers are more involved in non photographic elements and this is a cost burden, the use of the images the marketplace and revenue created through the images also incurs costs. Again a consultation can tackle these aspects and ensure any estimate is valid for your project.
  9. Beyond the photography aspect of a project there is the post processing, retouching, photoshop work, pre press processes and IT elements that can add to a project if the photographer cannot cover the areas you need then additional expertise needs to be added to the costs this again may seem obvious but never automatically assume a photographer has these skill or is proficient.
  10. Should your photographer be qualified? Its a matter for you to decide, however most photography qualifications are paid for through membership of photography associations these do not diminish the quality of the photographer but you should check what an award wining qualified photographer actually is, of course academic qualifications gives a degree of assurance the photographer has been formally educated and trained in the industry but a degree doesn’t guarantee a photographer is the right person for you again seeing portfolios and projects is the best route to go.

We hope this has helped you choose a photographer and if you want to discuss your project we are only to happy to offer a no obligation consultation here in our studio or at your location.

Call us now on 01555 660023 or 07799113885

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