Client Info: Photographer’s Style

The Photographer’s Style

This what defines a photographer, it’s not the equipment they use, or indeed the skills they have it their style, the way they see and interpret a scene and present it to the world. Their style is their identity but not every photographer has a style that’s identifiable.

Agents see potential in a photographer, it maybe the sector they work in or their style that unique or interesting.

If you see an image with something that attracts you and you decide to look deeper only to find it was a single random image and the rest of the portfolio bears no resemblance to what attracted you it doesn’t convey the photographers style. Not to say it will never, it may be from an emerging style or project experimenting but hasn’t reached the main body of work, but it still attracted you.

Now you know what you liked, do you explore further? Connecting with the photographer to work together using the style or do you seek out another photographer who has this style.