Photography studio hire Lanarkshire

Photography studio hire Lanarkshire

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Photography studio hire Lanarkshire

Photography studio hire Lanarkshire that comes with the essentials and has a wide range of lighting and modifiers included.

Photography studio hire Lanarkshire

Over the years we have been asked if our studio space was available for hire these requests often come from students in the area studying photography and are looking for somewhere local to shoot their portfolios and graded units in the past we have had to decline the use of our studio until now.

After a few trial lets we can now offer students the hire our studio by the hour there will be a select days and times available that doesn’t conflict with our shooting schedules.

About the studio

It’s a well equipped space with 9.5ft ceilings which is fitted with Bowens overhead HiGlide system keeping the floor space clear. The area to shoot is large enough for sets and groups with flexibility to use different areas against painted walls or single seamless paper backdrop and cloth muslins.

Lighting is Bowens there are six mono block sets equipped with Elinchrom wireless triggers, Sekonic light meters, colour checkers, modifiers range from 6ft Octoboxes and deep Octoboxes, beauty dishes, umbrellas, soft boxes and snoots with a range of grids. Light panels, v-flats, reflectors and a wide range of stands and clamps.

Manfrotto tripods and supports

Manfrotto tripods and supports

TetherTools USB 3 super cable for the Canon 5Ds and MacBook Pro

TetherTools USB 3 super cable for the Canon 5Ds and MacBook Pro


Tripods and a selection of Manfrotto video and gear heads are available to hire.

For those looking to tether shooting we have a wide range of TetherTools cables and if required we can supply a 27″ iMac with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Video shooting

We have a range of sliders and video heads available to add to your hire along with Rode microphones, Zoom 4 channel digital recorders with xlr inputs and mics for professional sound, *** please note we do not supply video lighting.

Studio hire audio recorder

Audio capture

Seamless Background paper rolls

We have a wide range of seamless papers that can be added to your rental the modest charge is to cover replacement as damage and foot prints are inevitable during a session.

Seamless paper for photography studio Lanarkshire

Hire fees

  • Single hour hire is £50 payable at booking additional hours are charged at £25 per additional hour.
  • Half day sessions up to 4 hours £100
  • All day session hire up to 8 hours £175
  • Tethered system £25 per session
  • Damages are charged at cost we advise you to consider having your own insurance
  • Additional seamless paper costs £10

Students only

The studio hires are for non commercial use only, if you require to hire for commercial commissions we can tailor a package to suit you.


Photography studio hire Lanarkshire

Contact us using our enquiry form

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