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Real estate photography – Is the quality of real estate photography important when selling a house or property?

real estate photography across central scotland

Every day we see new listings from Rightmove, GSPC and ESPC they are wonderful search tools and let buyers see whats available without the time consuming task of trailing around estate agents offices. Most buyers will have an idea of where they would like to live, how large or small the property needs to be, the location within the area, some may even be interested in the design aspects and this is where good photography stands above average photography.

Showcasing a property is important to some sellers as it is relevant to certain prospective buyers, this is where going the extra few yards (metres doesn’t sound right) to present the quality of the interior spaces the details and the desirability to view the property. It’s most likely a very small percentage of sellers and buyers who benefit from high quality photography but there is an advantage for anyone selling their property will stand out from the other listings because it’s different. It stands out, will it sell your home well that’s the grey area most likely not unless the buyer cannot visit the property.

So will our property photography help you sell your home or will it just be an additional cost for you to bear?

We have many private sellers and investors in letting these are the clients who want to have control over the way their property is presented, it’s an investment they choose to make. When we are approached to photograph a property it is an act of partnership that we are presenting there investment to help them both profit and gain the widest marketing leverage. The average seller of whom are the majority have little need for showcasing their home, estate agents sell property every day the choice is in the sellers hands to invest or to let the standard course take place.

Bringing some light into spaces is a skill not only in photography but in the skilled use of lighting, if you have ever tried to capture an interior with your camera and flash getting a natural look isn’t as simple as it looks.

real estate photography across central scotland that helps sell your home
Bedrooms, living spaces and kitchens.
Real estate Country kitchen photography in Scotland
estate agency and private house sellers photography across central scotland

Real estate photography for private home sellers, estate agents, letting agents, private rentals, holiday accommodation, bed & breakfast, luxury homes, show houses, interior designers, staging agencies and building contracts all use our quality photography to present and sell their property and services.

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