Client Info: Stock Images

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Stock Images

Stock images whether functional or advertisement images, the objective is in building a library of images needed and available to your marketing teams for publications, social media and editorial content.

Functional photography

Good photography can make the ordinary less ordinary that’s one of the challenges we face when we are commissioned to photograph a space, a room or a venue. Do we try to capture what’s there or do we supplement what’s there to enhance what we see but still keep it au natural.

When we are using images to depict something to entice customers but needs to be representative of what’s there, what they can expect it’s functional.

Stock images that show what’s there, when you need images to go with a listing, an article or news you can refer to your current stock images that’s why they were taken. These are there so you can react quickly, change images to emphasise or show aspects knowing they are both accurate and relevant. Of course these need to be kept up to date, things are changing year to year the decoration, the furnishings, the styling all evolve and the stock images no longer reflect what current.

Advertisement photography

We all know advertisement photography can go in many directions from subtle to extreme bearing little resemblance to reality. It’s almost verging on fantasy yet we love it. This is where we take control of every aspect of the location, we style, we augment, we deicide what it looks like.

Do advertisement images ever go out of date? Yes they do but then they aren’t date or time specific, we see old adverts running all the time it’s more the message than the actual record of the space or venue.

It’s hard to stress how thrilled we are with the results of our new magazine! Since the launch, customers, affiliates, and investors continue to go out of their way to send their compliments, and that is great news for all of us.