Vehicle dealership inventory photography services

william-wilson-photography-01Vehicle dealership inventory photography services

Vehicle dealership inventory photography services  for selling your specialist cars though professional photographs, buyers can see the quality, condition, features and specification with ease.

Sell your specialist used cars through professional photography makes sense, it gets your inventory out there, professional photographs that stand above the competition, photographs that sell your stock making you money, saving you money, it just make perfect sense.

Vehicle dealership inventory photography services packages

Photography packages to help you get your used car inventory online as quickly as possible, ad hoc additions as you turn over vehicles, with no long term commitment though client rarely leave us.

Lifestyle packages place the vehicles in a natural surrounding that compliments the vehicle, we can offer country houses, castles, public spaces and riverside locations subject to gaining the necessary photography permissions.

Standard packages covering the essential usually on the forecourt, we strive to eliminate unnecessary clutter from the background or can shoot against a branded feature.

Basic inventory packages where you need a lot of cars photographed and background clutter or optimal photography is not the main priority, its a package to get your inventory online as quickly as possible and have professional photographs that reflect your dealership and brand.

Our photography

Vehicle dealership inventory photography services

We offer a no gimmick photography, with no unnecessary photoshopping, we do provide good clean professional photography, we do present your vehicles truthfully to potential customers and convert browsers to buyers.

As a product photograph we understand the relatively short life span of the photographs and with continuous stock movement, our ad hoc service reflects this in both out efficiency and pricing plans. The usage licence is flexible to allow you the dealership, to use the images in the marketing, advertising and media usage as part of the package.

We cover the Central Belt of Scotland, if you are out with this area we may still be able to assist you with your photographic needs.

Why not arrange a free consultation and book a test photoshoot, you have little to loose and everything to gain.

Call Now on 07799113885

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