William Wilson Photography news

William Wilson Photography News

William Wilson Photography News – Occasionally we need to make changes as our websites and services we feel necessary to improve our visitor experience and performance.

Website changes for 2017

Currently all our portfolios are on this website, this made sense a few years back well a decade back but with the majority of our traffic being smart phones we have decided to split our website into different services it won’t affect your enjoyment but will separate our portfolios into dedicated areas.

The main UK website William Wilson Photography will be our hub where visitors can choose which service or area of our photography best suits them. The navigation will be simpler and allow visitors to move between websites and reduce the load burden on our main website making it faster and simpler to navigate.

There are common areas in particular our event photography these will be mirrored between websites with the content being different to ensure the brand consistency we are developing.

Our passport and visa photography will remain on our main website this has been a service our studio has been providing for over 12 years and is a valuable service to local families and foreign residents who are dependant on our photography to comply with their countries photo specifications.

Child passport photos

Professional passport photos Lanarkshire

Commercial photography

Our commercial photography will have its own dedicated website http://commercial.williamwilsonphotography.co.uk this will encompass our business and corporate photography from our architecture, commercial real estate, product photography and head shots and business workplace photography and our corporate event photography.

William Wilson Photography News Interior photography

Commercial real estate photography CRE

Head shots

Our existing dedicated head shot photography which has been directed and the professional in business and entertainment sectors has now been encompassed into the new commercial website, the existing domain http://thedefinitiveheadshot.co.uk will be redirected to the new domain.

Social and family photography

This area of our business has been centred around our studio, with our new event photography services our family photography now includes locations outside of our studio, we intend to support family events more with the investment in our mobile studio facilities bringing our studio to you. This will include our nursery photography and family events, social events like dances and gatherings, our aim is to use hotels where we provide our studio services for you. This will be hosted on our main URL https://williamwilsonphotography.co.uk and will still be accessible through our main URL for the near future to allow google to reminded our additional websites.

The changes will be seamless and most visitors will be unaware of the addition of the new websites this is our intention and with the content being separated it should be more relevant to visitors and how our photographic services are indexed by search engines.


William Wilson Photography News will continue to be available through https://williamwilsonphotography.co.uk/blog

Dot Com

Our williamwilsonphotography.com URL has now been discontinued in favour of our .co.uk domains.


Over the past year we have been using Instagram more in our social media in favour of Facebook as we feel this platform is more appropriate for our photography if you haven’t visited our Instagram pages here are the links.


Event photography


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