Client Info: Photographer’s Track Record

There are so many photographers on the market now in many ways it offers more variety, more availability possible located where you are allowing a closer working relationship.7

The criteria for finding and choosing a photographer isn’t straight forward, in many ways it the person seeking to find one that sets the criteria.

We as working photographers choose what and where we want to work possibly even with whom to work with, we are setting out our ideal clients with out portfolios. There are things that make it more difficult, one is of location, where the photographer is based especially if they are new in the market, most start out working locally it makes sense in many ways they have knowledge of the area, the network, people in the actual business who can help them along.

When a photographer is more established the clients they work with becomes more of a defining element, no longer are they bound by location it’s more focused on who they’ve work with their reputation.


Some questions you may consider

  • Do you like what you see in their portfolio?
  • Do you think they have the skill set you need?
  • Have they worked with similar clients?
  • Could they deliver to your needs?
  • Are they reputable, dependable?
  • Can you afford them?


Your need someone near a specific location, it maybe for speed or costs either way their website will be the first point of contact, Google has narrowed down the immediate contenders and even provided a useful map of all the photographers that met your requirements. Now it comes down to the finer details, do they fit within your needs and can they delivery. Their track record will be obvious from the website information are they a specialist or a generalist? Do they work with similar clients possibly those in competition with you, is their style within your expectations, do they offer value?

Genre specific

You need a specialist, location is the priority but needs to be considered. Unless budget is not a primary concern finding a photographer became slightly easier it’s no longer where they are located it’s what type of work they do their specialisation.

Comparing photographers in a specific genre makes for a different judgement and in many ways easier to find the right choice.